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Better than a taxi Chaintreaux (77460)




Make your quote and get the price of your race Taxi Chaintreaux (77460)





 Fill in the information of your trip and get your quote and the savings generated by booking in advance. The price is fixed, no additional fees will be added.


Taxi Chaintreaux (77460) stands out from other VTC offers and makes its strength by a few simple principles. Add to that a quality service that Taxi Chaintreaux (77460) strives to improve over time.








Taxi Chaintreaux (77460) provides you with quality service. You will be transported in a high-end vehicle with a private driver cares.


The principle is simple, make your quote on the website Taxi Chaintreaux (77460), enter the necessary information for your race and book






 Alt-chauffeur-prive-vtc-paris_595.png.jpg  online booking


To book, an online click is sufficient with immediate and free pricing.





Alt-chauffeur-prive-vtc-paris_596.png.jpg Experienced Drivers


Taxi Chaintreaux (77460) promises also professional and punctual drivers.






Alt-chauffeur-prive-vtc-paris_597.png.jpg Available 24H / 24   


Taxi Chaintreaux (77460) will welcome you with professionalism to ensure your transport to or from your destination


In case of departure without reservation, do not hesitate to contact us by phone. By contacting Taxi Chaintreaux (77460), we will send a taxi located close to you. Call center (

 Taxi Chaintreaux (77460)comfortable and luxurious vehicles like a luxury sedan or a taxi van with a flexible payment method: by credit card, on site or via Paypal.


Your Taxi Chaintreaux (77460) will accompany you and you will recover throughout the department of Haute-Savoie, but also throughout the Ile de France, as well as more distant destinations (on estimate).


Chaintreaux is a french municipality located in the department Seine-et-Marne in the region Île-de-France.

Its inhabitants are called Chanterelliens.

The village is located 5 km north-west of Égreville and 7 km east of Souppes-sur-Loing.

The town has 30 kilometers of municipal roads and is crossed by the A6 motorway (rest area of Sonville and Floée) and the departure of the A77 motorway.

The commune includes the old parishes of Chaintreaux and Lagerville, the latter having been absorbed in 1842.