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Taxi Chalifert (77144) 


Taxi Chalifert (77144) is a taxi booking center in Chalifert (77144) and in all cities in France.Taxi Chalifert (77144) offers its services to individuals and businesses.

Order Taxi Chalifert (77144), the company is available at night 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.


Taxi Chalifert (77144) offers comfortable and spacious taxis for all your trips as well as for your sightseeing tours.

Taxi Chalifert (77144) ensures your professional transfers at lower cost to the main ones in all the department of Seine-et-Marne.
For departures from train stations or Paris airports,
Taxi Chalifert (77144) will take care of everything.

The chauffeurs of Taxi Chalifert (77144) are punctual. They bring you back to your destination as soon as possible. Book without pre-payment and pay your driver Taxi Chalifert (77144).



Make your price estimate via Chalifert Taxi Calculator (77144). Fill in your details and order your Taxi Chalifert (77144). As soon as you book your Chalifert Taxi (77144), you will receive confirmation of the taking of your order by email and by SMS.


If you are not in front of your computer to be able to order your Taxi Chalifert (77144), do not hesitate to call the Taxi Chalifert (77144) switchboard. The operators will have the pleasure of organizing everything for you.




Chalifert (77144) is a French commune located in the department of Seine-et-Marne in the region Ile-de-France.

Its inhabitants are called the Chaliférois.Chalifert is located about 25 km east of Paris in the borough of Torcy. In 2007, it joined the agglomeration community of Marne and Gondoire.Chalifert is bordered on the north by the municipality of Jablines, north-east by the municipality of Lesches, on the east by the municipality of Coupvray, south by the commune of Chessy, and to the west by the municipality of Dampmart from which it is separated by the Marne.