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We guarantee our customers the best. All our drivers are holders of their driving license and the card authorizing them to exercise the trade of VTC.












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Flexible payment method, Taxi Chevrainvilliers(77760) makes your life easier by offering a wide choice of payment: Paypal, Credit Card and even American Express.

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Chevrainvilliers (77760) is a French commune located in the department of Seine-et-Marne in the region Ile-de-France.



Its inhabitants are called Capaivillariens (this graph, reported by www.habitants.fr and attested nowhere else, could be a shell for Caprivillariens, more plausible etymologically). At the last census of 2014, the municipality had 226 inhabitants.


The village is located 7 km southwest of Nemours and 5 km south of Larchant.


In 2014, the municipality had 226 inhabitants, an increase of 2.26% compared to 2009. For the municipality, the first comprehensive census within the framework of the new device was carried out in 2008.