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Taxi Choisy-en-Brie (77320)


Looking for a Private Driver at Choisy-en-Brie?


Taxi Choisy-en-Brie(77320) is your new passenger transport service in the Paris region. For your complete satisfaction and because for us everything passes by the satisfaction of our customers, Taxi Choisy-en-Brie (77320) guarantees punctuality, comfort and serenity in all your journeys.



Taxi Choisy-en-Brie (77320) offers a chauffeur-driven car service for your private and business trips.

Do not hesitate, ask your Taxi Choisy-en-Brie (77320) now and enjoy the lowest rates on the market.


       Easy quote request: type your departure and destination and you're done

Do not hesitate, ask your Taxi Choisy-en-Brie (77320) with one of our assistant now.


The professionalism of our taxi drivers Choisy-en-Brie (77320), the comfort of our luxury cars and our competitive rates and packages will always surprise you.



  Why choose Taxi Choisy-en-Brie(77320)?



                                                              Prestige service


                                                      Courteous and confirmed drivers


                                                           Rates known in advance


Three categories of vehicles according to your needs:

Taxi Choisy-en-Brie(77320) business class                                                         Taxi Choisy-en-Brie(77320) sedans                

Taxi Choisy-en-Brie(77320) economy class                                              Taxi Choisy-en-Brie(77320) minivans

Taxi Choisy-en-Brie(77320) VIP                                                                        Taxi Choisy-en-Brie(77320) Shuttle Buses


Enjoy a personalized welcome at the descent of your train or at the airport, your driver waits for you free with a sign in your name and helps you to carry your luggage

Your Taxi Choisy-en-Brie (77320) will accompany you and you will recover throughout the department Seine-et-Marne, but also throughout the Ile de France, as well as more distant destinations (on estimate).


Choisy-en-Brie (77320) is a French commune located in the department of Seine-et-Marne in the region Ile-de-France.

Its inhabitants are called the Choiséens.

Choisy-en-Brie is located in Brie 13 km southeast of Coulommiers and 8 km south-west of La Ferte-Gaucher. The town includes the village and many hamlets.The evolution of the number of inhabitants is known through the censuses of the population carried out in the commune since 1793. From the beginning of the years 2000, the legal populations of the communes are published annually. The census is now based on an annual collection of information, successively covering all municipal territories over a period of five years. For municipalities with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants, a census survey of the whole population is carried out every five years, the legal populations of the intermediate years being estimated by interpolation or extrapolation.


 "Taxi Choisy-en-Brie(77320),your driver in front of your house in a few clicks"