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In case of departure without reservation, do not hesitate to contact us by phone. By contacting Taxis Dormelles, we will send you a taxi located near you.










Your Taxi Dormelles77130 will accompany you and you will recover on the whole department Seine and Marne, but also in all the Ile de France, as well as on more distant destinations (on estimate)








Taxi drivers Dormelles77130 will accompany you, throughout the department, in all major cities of the Seine and Marne and Ile de France.








Dormelles is a french municipality located in the department Seine-et-Marne in the region Île-de-France.

Its inhabitants are called the Dormellois.

In 599 or 600, Dormelles is the scene of a battle between Clotaire II, King of Neustria, son of Queen Fredegonde (died in 597), and the grandchildren of Queen Brunehild (Brunehaut), Thierry II, King of Burgondie and Thibert II, king of Austrasia.

The battle seems to have had a great magnitude since starting on the heights of Sens, it continues to Flagy, Diant and the gates of Moret. The figure of 30,000 deaths is mentioned, which would make this battle one of the deadliest of the Merovingian era. The Orvanne flowing to Dormelles would have been so clogged with corpses that it would have deviated from its course



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