Taxi Pamfou (77830)



Taxi Pamfou(77830) is a company providing you with taxis for your transfers. Our Taxis Pamfou (77830) also carries private individuals on private trips.

We are pleased to welcome you to our new site Taxis Pamfou (77830). We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for short or long distance transportation throughout Pamfou and the whole of France.



 Taxis Pamfou(77830) a company of trust: Unlike some passenger transport companies, Taxis drivers Pamfou (77830) is perfectly regulated and supervised to ensure a real service to users in terms of comfort and safety.





Three ranges of Taxis Pamfou(77830) :


- Taxis Pamfou sedans


  - Taxis Pamfou minivans


 - Taxis Pamfou Shuttle Buses



 Taxis Pamfou(77830) takes you directly to your home, your restaurant, your hotel or your business. Whatever the place we pick you up as soon as possible or at the time of your choice.



For your convenience Taxis Pamfou (77830) accepts all types of payment: Payment by credit card, Paypal, American Express, cash.

The Pamfou Taxis (77830) are specialized and know their area perfectly. The Pamfou Taxis (77830) will accompany you directly to your destination by taking the less crowded way, which saves you time.



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Pamfou is a French commune located in the department of Seine-et-Marne in the region Ile-de-France.

Its inhabitants are called Pamfolians

Valence-en-Brie is located 21 km southeast of Melun and 9.5 km northwest of Montereau-Fault-Yonne.

The village is located on the D 605 between Le Châtelet-en-Brie and Valence-en-Brie

The village was the mail crossing point to the city of Lyon (former coaching inn of the eighteenth century whose activity stopped in 1870).

Common created in 1906, from that of Machault (split of Pamfou and Machault).

It is served by line 46 (Melun-Montereau) of the Seine-et-Marne Express bus network.



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